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Have you ever wondered if you were destined for something great?

Death, Darkness, Decay… this is the ambition of the Demon Lord Yao Mo Jin. He seeks to conquer all of the realms from Heaven to Hell and lay waste to all. He seeks to become the embodiment of destruction, a perfection of nothingness. Heaven has fought valiantly against the Demon Lord but even still with all of their power they are down to one last hope. One human soul, Jin Hu stands in the way of the rise of the Demon Lord Yao Mo Jin.

Jin Hu is an orphaned monk with a wretched past, marred with death and abandonment. With such a tainted history, the forces of evil hope to use Jin Hu's past to corrupt him from his destiny of hope into becoming the harbinger of death.

We find Jin Hu at the edge of either destiny, leaving the only home he has ever truly known the Shaolin Temple. With his monk training in tow will the angst of learning of his past lead him toward the Demon or will he realize his true Heavenly calling?

Empyreal is about the struggle we all face as we try to figure out our life's destiny and purpose. The story is a reflection of the duality of the human spirit with the constant war of good and evil raging within us.